Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien Siemens

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Culture and Recreation


Collective living quarters

Conventional dwellings

Conventional dwellings



Households in conventional dwellings

Households in housing units

Households in living quarters Total

Households in other housing units

Households in unknown living quarters

Households total

Housing units

Living quarters


Occupants of housing units

Occupants of other housing units

Occupied conventional dwellings

Occupied conventional dwellings with adobe walls

Occupied conventional dwellings with concrete walls

Occupied conventional dwellings with other walls

Occupied conventional dwellings with unknown walls

Occupied conventional dwellings with woold walls

Occupied housing units

Occupied housing units with unknown walls

Occupied unknown type of housing unit

Other housing units


Population 0-4

Population 0-4 female

Population 0-4 male

Population 10-14

Population 10-14 female

Population 10-14 male

Population 15-19

Population 15-19 female

Population 15-19 male

Population 20-24

Population 20-24 female

Population 20-24 male

Population 5-9

Population 5-9 female

Population 5-9 male

Population age 0

Population age 25-29

Population age 30 - 34

Population age 35-39

Population age 40-44

Population age 45-49

Population age 50-54

Population age 55-59

Population age 60-64

Population age 65-69

Population age 70-74

Population age 75-79

Population age 80-84

Population age 85-89

Population collective living quarters

Population conventional dwellings

Population female

Population female age 0

Population female age 25-29

Population female age 30 - 34

Population female age 35-39

Population female age 40-44

Population female age 45-49

Population female age 55-59

Population female age 60-64

Population female age 65-69

Population female age 70-74

Population female age 75-79

Population female age 80-84

Population female age 85-89

Population female collective living quarters

Population female conventional dwellings

Population female housing units

Population female living quarters

Population housing units

Population living quarters

Population male

Population male age 0

Population male age 25-29

Population male age 30 - 34

Population male age 35-39

Population male age 40-44

Population male age 45-49

Population male age 50-54

Population male age 55-59

Population male age 60-64

Population male age 65-69

Population male age 70-74

Population male age 75-79

Population male age 80-84

Population male age 85-89

Population male collective living quarters

Population male conventional dwellings

Population male housing units

Population male living quarters

Population other housing units

Economic Aspects



Social Aspects

Conventional dwellings

Conventional dwellings



Training and Education

Travel and Transport