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Culture and Recreation

Available beds per 1000

Cinema Attendance

Cinema Seats

Cinema Seats per 1000


Tourist Bed-Places

Tourist Nights Spent

Tourist overnight stays per resident


1-person households

Age Dependency Ratio

Avg household-size

Conventional dwellings

Conventional dwellings



EU Foreigners


Foreign-borns (in a EU country)

Foreign-borns (outside EU)


Households with children 0-17

Lone parent households with children 0-17

Lone-pensioners households above retirement age

Median Age



Non-EU Foreigners

Old Age Dependency Ratio


Population 0-4

Population 0-4 female

Population 0-4 male

Population 10-14

Population 10-14 female

Population 10-14 male

Population 15-19

Population 15-19 female

Population 15-19 male

Population 20-24

Population 20-24 female

Population 20-24 male

Population 25-34

Population 25-34 female

Population 25-34 male

Population 35-44

Population 35-44 female

Population 35-44 male

Population 45-54

Population 45-54 female

Population 45-54 male

Population 5-9

Population 5-9 female

Population 5-9 male

Population 55-64

Population 55-64 female

Population 55-64 male

Population 65-74

Population 65-74 female

Population 65-74 male

Population 75+

Population 75+ female

Population 75+ male

Population change

Population female

Population in private households

Population male

Private households

Proportion 1-person households

Proportion EU Foreigners

Proportion Foreigners

Proportion Nationals

Proportion Non-EU Foreigners

Proportion aged 0-4

Proportion aged 10-14

Proportion aged 15-19

Proportion aged 20-24

Proportion aged 25-34

Proportion aged 35-44

Proportion aged 45-54

Proportion aged 5-9

Proportion aged 55-64

Proportion aged 65-74

Proportion aged 75+

Proportion foreign-borns

Proportion households with children 0-17

Proportion households with children 0-17

Proportion lone-parent households

Proportion lone-pensioner households

Proportion native-borns

Women per 100 Men

Women per 100 Men 75+

Young Age Dependency Ratio

Economic Aspects

Activity Rate

Activity Rate female

Activity Rate male

Economically Active Population

Economically Active Population 20-64

Economically Active Population 20-64 female

Economically Active Population 20-64 male

Economically Active Population 55-64

Economically Active Population 55-64 female

Economically Active Population 55-64 male

Economically Active Population female

Economically Active Population male

Employed persons 20-64

Employed persons 20-64 female

Employed persons 20-64 male

Employed persons 55-64

Employed persons 55-64 female

Employed persons 55-64 male

No companies

Unemployed Persons

Unemployed Persons female

Unemployed Persons male

Unemployment Rate

Unemployment rate female

Unemployment rate male


Accumulated ozone concentration

Average NO2 concentration

Average Particulate Matter concentration

Days with high NO2 concentrations

Days with high O3 concentrations

Days with high Particulate Matter concentrations (PM10)

Municipal waste (1000 t)

Proportion potable drinking water

Proportion sewerage

Use of Water (m3)


Social Aspects


Average apartment price

Average area of living

Average house price

Conventional dwellings

Conventional dwellings

Crude birth rate

Crude death rate


Deaths <65

Deaths <65 female

Deaths <65 male

Deaths due to circulatory or respiratory systems <65

Deaths female

Deaths male



Dwellings lacking basic amenities

Empty dwellings

Households apartments

Households houses

Households owning dwelling

Households private rented housing

Households social housing


Infant mortality rate

Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live births)

Live births

Proportion living in apartments

Proportion living in houses

Proportion living in owned dwellings

Rent for housing (per m2)

Training and Education

Persons 25-64 with medium education

Persons 25-64 with minor education

Students higher education

Students higher education female

Students higher education male

Working age persons with higher education

Travel and Transport

Commute duration

Deaths in road accidents

Incoming commuters

Outgoing commuters

People killed in road accidents per 1000 population

Price public transport

Proportion commute by bicycle

Proportion commute by car

Proportion commute by car or motor cycle

Proportion commute by foot

Proportion commute by motor cycle

Proportion commute by public transport