SPARQL Path Rewriter Demo

Schema-Agnostic Query Rewriting is a novel approach to provide query answering with reasoning support without the need to know the ontology beforehand.

The central component of a practical system would be the query rewriter. The demo below rewrites your SPARQL query to a new SPARQL query which can then be used to query arbitrary SPARQL endpoints. Note that an ontology must be contained in the dataset of the SPARQL endpoint for interesting results.

You can find more details on the approach in the ISWC 2014 paper Schema-Agnostic Query Rewriting in SPARQL 1.1 by Stefan Bischof, Markus Krötzsch, Axel Polleres, and Sebastian Rudolph.

Enter your SPARQL query on the left, click "Rewrite", and get the resulting SPARQL query on the right.